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Building and installing B2G OS

Getting and building B2G OS

Because B2G OS is currently under active development, and is in a prerelease state, the best way to ensure you have an up-to-date copy installed is to build and install it yourself. The articles listed on this page will guide you through building and installing B2G OS on an emulator or compatible device, or the Gaia user interface in the Firefox browser.

B2G OS build process summary
Building and installing B2G OS requires a significant amount of time, network bandwidth, and computational power. This page outlines the goals of the build process and the steps of that process in order to help users along the way.
B2G OS build prerequisites
Steps to take before you build B2G OS for the first time.
Preparing for your first B2G build
Before you can build B2G OS, you need to clone the repository and configure your build. This article explains how to do that.
Building B2G OS
How to build B2G OS.
B2G installer add-on
The B2G installer add-on helps to solve the long-standing issue of not being able to redistribute full system builds, because of blobs (proprietary components). This article details how the add-on works, and how to install it.

Further reference material

Building B2G OS for Flame on Mac OS X
A community-written guide to building B2G OS for the Flame reference device, on Mac OS X.
Compatible devices
An official list of the development devices that support B2G OS.
Creating and applying B2G OS update packages
This very detailed guide explains how to create OTA/FOTA update packages, which can then then be distributed to users' devices to provide software updates.
Building and installing FOTA community builds
A community-written quickstart guide to creating and installing FOTA packages.
B2G build variables reference sheet
A reference for all the B2G build, Gaia build, and Gecko build variables and commands you might need during B2G OS-related build operations.

Installing B2G OS and/or Gaia

Choosing how to run Gaia or B2G
You can use Gaia within B2G, or you can run B2G OS on a mobile device or in a desktop-based simulator. This guide will help you decide which is best for your needs.
Building the B2G OS simulator
A guide to building the B2G OS simulator, which allows you to run Gaia and Web apps in a Gecko-based environment somewhat similar to an actual device, on your desktop computer.
Using the B2G emulators
A guide to building and using the B2G OS emulators, and when to use which emulator.
Installing B2G OS on a mobile device
How to install B2G OS on a real mobile device.