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Firefox OS board guide

This section contains developer information relevant to specific phones that run Firefox OS — both developer and consumer devices. We have general information available on Building and installing Firefox OS and Hacking Firefox OS, so please go there for information about building and installing the platform from scratch. Developers with specific phones in their possession may however find the following articles useful.

Developer board information

The boards listed here are specifically geared towards developers wanting to experiment with Firefox OS, including developing apps and contributing to the operating system itself. 

Rasphberry Pi
This article contains information on the Raspberry Pi with Firefox OS.
This article contains information about B2G(Firefox OS) on CHIRIMEN developer board.

General Firefox OS information

Firefox OS phone data
In this article we list the various available Firefox OS phones along with information such as their code names, availability, and specific hardware features.
General device features
This page lists typical Firefox OS hardware features and minimum hardware requirements.
This article provides tips for resolving common problems you may have while using Firefox OS.
Best practices for open reference devices
A set of best practices that we believe should come highly recommended for any widely available open reference devices. All of the recent Firefox OS reference devices have followed these practices.