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This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.


This method is used to remove a callback function that has been added with SettingsManager.addObserver().


SettingsManager.removeObserver(settingName, callback);


The string representing the setting to stop to observe. The exact list of possible strings is device dependent. Each Gaia build can have its own list of settings. For an up to date list of those strings, take a look at the Gaia source code.
The function to be removed from the callback stack.


function myCallback(event) {
  console.log(event.settingName + ": " + event.settingValue);

// Start listening to changes on the wifi.enabled setting
navigator.mozSettings.addObserver('wifi.enabled', myCallback);

// Stop listening to changes on the wifi.enabled setting
navigator.mozSettings.removeObserver('wifi.enabled', myCallback);


Not part of any specification yet; however, this API will be discussed at W3C as part of the System Applications Working Group.

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