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The MozWifiP2pManager.connect() method binds, with a given configuration, to a peer identified by its MAC address and returns a DOMRequest that will report if the connect request has been issued successfully or not (but not about its result).


 req = wifiP2pMgr.connect(address, wps, intent)


Is a DOMString containing the MAC Address of the peer to connect to.
Is a keyword containing the WPS method to use. The following values are valid:
  • "pbc" (push-button connection), the connection is activated by a negotiation between both devices, without the user interacting anymore.
  • "display", the device display a PIN on its display and expect it to be entered on the peer before activating the connection.
  • "keypad", the connection is activated by entering a PIN code on the keypad. It is the symmetric of "display".
Is a positive number between 0 and 15, included, that indicates if the local host wants to be the group owner. A value of 0 means that the device don't want to be the group owner, a value of 15 that he wants to be it. The device with the higher value wins.

Return value

The result is a DOMRequest:

  • on success, it means that the connection requests has been issued (but not necessary accepted).
  • on failure, it means that one of the parameter is incorrect: the MAC address may be non existing or invalid, the WPS method not supported or the intent outside the allowed range.


This is a non-standard API, not on an any standard track.

Browser compatibility

Supported in Firefox OS 1.4.

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