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This API is available on Firefox OS for privileged or certified applications only.


The init method is used to initialize the mozContact object using a configuration object.




A configuration object which properties are one or more of the properties allow for mozContact. Note that id, published and update will be ignored as they are automatically generated and overridden when the contact is stored.


var contact = new mozContact();
contact.init({name: "John Doe", givenName: "John", familyName: "Doe"});

var request =;

request.onsuccess = function() {
   alert("Success saving contact. New contact ID: " +;

request.onerror = function() {
   alert("Error saving contact.");


Specification Status Comment
Contacts Manager API
The definition of 'Contacts Manager API' in that specification.
Working Draft First Working Draft (unstable)
vCard Format Specification IETF RFC RFC 6350

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