This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.

The store read-only property of the DataStoreCursor interface returns the name of the store that the cursor is iterating over.

Note: The Data Store API is available in Web Workers, from Firefox 32 onwards (Firefox OS 2.0; see bug 949325.)


myStore =;


A DataStore object.


In the following example, we use navigator.getDataStores to return a list of DataStore objects representing data stores on the device called contacts. Since there is only one such data store, we can access it using stores[0]. Next we run DataStore.sync to create a DataStoreCursor object, then use to return back the store name.

navigator.getDataStores('contacts').then(function(stores) {
  var cursor = stores[0].sync();


Specification Status Comment
Data Store API
The definition of 'store' in that specification.

The discussion concerning this API's creation happened in various Mozilla mailing lists and other places. A summary of the discussion and further pointers can be found on the Mozilla Wiki. For further feedback and questions, send mail to the dev-webapi mailing list.

Browser compatibility

Supported in Firefox OS 1.0.1.
Available in web workers in Firefox OS 2.0.

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