This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.

The revisionId read-only property of the DataStore interface returns the current data store's current revision ID. This ID can be tracked, allowing you to synchronize apps using the data store to this point in its history.

Note: The Data Store API is available in Web Workers, from Firefox 32 onwards (Firefox OS 2.0; see bug 949325.)


myStoreName = store.revisionId;


A DOMString.


The following example gets all the data stores on the device called "contacts", then logs the current revision ID to the console:

navigator.getDataStores('contacts').then(function(stores) {


Specification Status Comment
Data Store API
The definition of 'revisionId' in that specification.

The discussion concerning this API's creation happened in various Mozilla mailing lists and other places. A summary of the discussion and further pointers can be found on the Mozilla Wiki. For further feedback and questions, send mail to the dev-webapi mailing list.

Browser compatibility

Supported in Firefox OS 1.0.1.
Available in web workers in Firefox OS 2.0.

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