This API is available on Firefox OS for privileged or certified applications only.


The sceneMode property value is a string that defines the quality of exposure to use while taking pictures. When set, its new value must be chosen from the list of options specified by  CameraCapabilities.sceneModes.


var mode = instanceOfCameraControl.sceneMode


Return a string representing the current scene mode. The default value is auto.


var options = {
  camera: navigator.mozCameras.getListOfCameras()[0]
function onSuccess( camera ) {
  var capabilities = camera.capabilities;

  if (capablities.sceneModes.indexOf('night') > -1) {
    camera.sceneMode = 'night';

navigator.mozCameras.getCamera(options, onSuccess)


Not part of any specification; however, this API should be removed when the WebRTC Capture and Stream API has been implemented.

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