BluetoothManager (Firefox OS)

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.

The BluetoothManager interface of the Web Bluetooth API allows to access all Bluetooth adapters available on the device. Adapters are the connection interface to connect a Bluetooth device to that device.

Interface overview

interface BluetoothManager: EventTarget
  readonly attribute BluetoothAdapter? defaultAdapter;

           attribute EventHandler onattributechanged;
           attribute EventHandler onadapteradded;
           attribute EventHandler onadapterremoved;

  sequence<BluetoothAdapter> getAdapters();


BluetoothManager.enabled Read only
A boolean indicating whether the Bluetooth is on (true) or off (false).

Event Handlers

A handler for the adapteradded event; it is triggered when a Bluetooth adapter is enabled on the device.
A handler for the adapterremoved event; it is triggered when a Bluetooth adapter is disabled on the device, or removed.
A handler for the attributechanged event; it is triggered when the BluetoothManager.defaultAdapter property changes.

Note: Because the BluetoothManager interface inherits from the EventTarget interface, all these events can be listened by using the addEventListener method.

Obsolete event handlers

A handler for the enabled event; it is triggered when the Bluetooth is turned on.
A handler for the disabled event; it is triggered when the Bluetooth is turned off.


Returns a list of the current BluetoothAdapters in use on the device.

Obsolete methods

Allows to retrieve the default adapter in use by the device. Returns a DOMRequest to handle the success or error of the operation. In case of success, the request's result is a BluetoothAdapter object. Superceded by the BluetoothManager.getAdapters() method.


Specification Status Comment
Web Bluetooth
The definition of 'BluetoothManager' in that specification.
Draft Rough draft; not part of any official specification yet. It should be discussed as part of the W3C's System Applications Working Group.

Browser Compatibility

Firefox OS 2.1 adds bluetooth 'v2' support: getAdapters(), onattributechange, onadapterremoved.
Firefox OS 1.0.1 bluetooth initial support: getDefaultAdapter(), onenabled, ondisabled, onadapteradded.

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