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BluetoothGattService (Firefox OS)

This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.

The BluetoothGattService interface of the Web Bluetooth API represents a service provided by a GATT server, including the service definition, a list of referenced services, and a list of the characteristics of this service.

Interface overview

 Constructor(boolean isPrimary, DOMString uuid)]
interface BluetoothGattService
  [Cached, Pure] readonly attribute sequence<BluetoothGattCharacteristic> characteristics;
  [Cached, Pure] readonly attribute sequence<BluetoothGattService> includedServices;

  readonly attribute boolean isPrimary;
  readonly attribute DOMString uuid;
  readonly attribute unsigned short instanceId;

  [NewObject] Promise<BluetoothGattCharacteristic> addCharacteristic(DOMString uuid, Permission permissions, Properties properties, ArrayBuffer value);
  [NewObject] Promise<void> addIncludedService(BluetoothGattService service);


BluetoothGattService.characteristics Read only
Returns a cached array of BluetoothServiceCharacteristic objects representing the characteristics of this service.
BluetoothGattService.includedServices Read only
Returns a cached array of BluetoothGattService objects representing the included services referenced by this service.
BluetoothGattService.isPrimary Read only
Returns a Boolean Indicating whether this is a primary or secondary service. The default value is false, indicating a secondary service.
BluetoothGattService.uuid Read only
Returns a DOMString representing the UUID of this service.
BluetoothGattService.instanceId Read only
Returns a number representing the instance id of this service.


Adds a characteristic to this service.
Adds a referenced included service to this service.


Specification Status Comment
Web Bluetooth
The definition of 'BluetoothGattService' in that specification.
Draft Rough draft; not part of any official specification yet. It should be discussed as part of the W3C's System Applications Working Group.

Browser Compatibility

Supported in Firefox OS 2.1

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