This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.


The sendFile method is used to start sending a file to a given remote device.

Note: Only one file can be sent at a time.


var request = instanceOfBluetoothAdapter.sendFile(deviceAddress, file);


The Bluetooth micro-network address of the device to send a file to.
A Blob object representing the file to send.


A DOMRequest object to handle the success or error of the operation. In case of success, it means that the file has started to be sent but not that the file has been received by the remote device yet.

Note: To follow the file sending progress, an application must listen for the following system messages: bluetooth-opp-transfer-complete, bluetooth-opp-update-progress, bluetooth-opp-receiving-file-confirmation, and bluetooth-opp-transfer-start.


Not part of any specification yet. It should be discussed as part of the W3C's System Applications Working Group.

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