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Advanced topics
These articles provide extra information on more advanced Open Web Apps topics. Topics such as app architecture documentation to help with the design and implementation of open web apps and other documentation for creating a store for selling and distributing open web apps.
App Development API Reference
The following is a list of code-level reference documentation you'll likely need in developing a Firefox OS app.
Designing Open Web Apps
The items under this section apply generally to Web app design.
Graphics and UX
When creating Open Web Apps, you need to give a lot of consideration to the look and feel, user experience and workflow of your applications. In previous parts of this material we looked at application planning and flexible layouts for applications, and in this section we will go further, looking at both general patterns and design techniques that work for Open Web Apps, and specific techniques and assets that will help you put together great-looking Firefox OS apps that match the experience of the device's default applications.
Icon implementation for apps
Open web app architecture
Apps can be installed from the server that hosts them ("self-hosting") or from a store. Mozilla launched the Firefox Marketplace in a test mode for apps in 2012. Other third-party app stores are also possible using this architecture. Apps can be free or paid. Stores can support validation of purchases to ensure that apps are run only by users who purchased them. The Firefox Marketplace will support this.
Rec Room - Animation and Graphics
There are various tools found all around the web for creating animations and graphics for your work. In this article, we will go over a few of these options so that you can use to make your project stand out! For example, CSS is one way to apply animations to HTML elements, while Chartist is a great tool for creating graphs and charts.
Tools and frameworks
Validating web apps with the App Validator
Some checks that the validator performs include: