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Submitting an app to the Firefox OS Marketplace Redirect 1

The Firefox Marketplace provides infrastructure for developers to offer apps to end users. This guide takes you through all you need to successfully submit an app to the marketplace.

Quick start

Are you ready to submit your app right now? Submit an app.

If you need more help, follow the steps in this video: http://vid.ly/8k2n4w

Steps to submit an app

Submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace involves the following steps.

Log in to the Firefox Marketplace site

  1. In a Web browser, visit the Firefox Marketplace site.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Developer Hub.
  3. Click the Sign in link at the top of the page. A login window opens.
  4. Login with Mozilla Persona:
    • If you've previously used Persona, select the email address for the identity you want to use, and click sign in.
    • If you haven't used Persona, or you want to use a different email address, you need to create an account.

    The Persona window should close, and you should now be logged into the Marketplace Developer Hub.

Enter information about the app

This process includes four clearly labelled steps, indicated at the top of the page.

bubbles containing the numbers 1 to 4 with links between them, and labels of Agreement, Submit, Details and Next Steps

First of all, click the Submit An App link at the top of the page.

Step 1: Agreement

a developer agreement document on the Firefox Marketplace, which needs to be agreed before you can submit an app.

  1. Review the Developer Agreement and click Agree and Continue.

Step 2: Submit

an interface screen on the Firefox Marketplace, where you have to choose the platforms to distribute your app on and provide the URL of the manifest file

  1. Choose whether your app will be Free or Paid.
  2. Select the devices your app is compatible with.
  3. Provide the location of your app:
    1. If your app is a hosted app, enter the location on your server of the app manifest for your app (this must be a full URL), and click Validate.
      • If the app manifest validates, click Continue.
      • If there are validation errors, correct them and revalidate the manifest.
    2. If your app is a packaged app, click the Packaged tab and select the zip file that you want to upload.
      • The package will upload automatically. If your app validates, click Continue.
      • If there are validation errors, correct them and re-upload your package.
      • You can find more information on creating packaged apps at our packaged app guide.
  4. Optionally, click the View all button in the "App Minimum Requirements" section and check all the boxes for the Web API features your app uses that are required to be supported on the device for the app to be used. Your app will be hidden from users whose devices don't support it.

Step 3: Details

an interface screen on the firefox marketplace where you enter the apps main content such as name, description and categories.

  1. The app's name and description, pulled from the app's manifest file, are required. You may now edit the description if you wish, and the length of the marketplace version can go over the 1024 character limit of the manifest version: it is unlimited.
    • Basic HTML tags are supported, so you can structure your description somewhat.
  2. Check the categories that are relevant to your app, which determines what listings your app will appear in on the Marketplace. These are also required.
  3. Enter your privacy policy. This is also required.
  4. Enter your app homepage and support site details. These fields are optional.
  5. Enter a support email address. This is required.
  6. Say whether your app requires Flash support (optional.)
  7. Add screenshots/videos to demonstrate your app's features and workflows. Having at least one screenshot is required.
  8. Uncheck the "Publish my app in the Firefox Marketplace as soon as it's reviewed." checkbox if you don't want it instantly published as soon as it's been reviewed.

Note: The multi-line text fields support HTML, so you can structure and link the text.

Step 4: Next Steps

an interface screen on the Firefox Marketplace at the start of stage 4, where you are told you can enter some more information, starting with submitting a content rating for your app.

There are many different options available in this section. The first thing you need to do is review the information in the first page, then press CONTINUE.

  1. First, Add a Content Rating using the Content Rating Tool (press the "Create an IARC Ratings Certificate" button to get started.) This will provide you with a Submission ID and Security Code that you can  enter into the bottom box and Submit. If you already have a rating certificate, you can just enter the details straight into the bottom box and press Submit. This is required.
  2. Review the Content Ratings that come up on the next screen and make sure you are happy with them.
  3. Click on the Compatibility & Payments link on the left of this section to review the compatibility and payments option. Here you can choose to:
    • Change with platforms the app is to be distributed on
    • Set what the pricing is, in the "Paid/In-app tab" (see App pricing for pricing details)
    • Alter the regions the app is listed in
  4. Click on the Team Members link on the left and add more app team members if required. These team members have access to the app's details as follows:
    • Owner — Can manage all aspects of the app's listing, including adding and removing other team members.
    • Developer — Can manage all aspects of the app's listing, except for adding and removing other team members and managing payments.
    • Support — Can view the app's settings and manage refund requests.
    • Viewer — Can view the app's settings but cannot make any changes.

Important notes: You should check the listing preview to make sure icons and screenshots are loading ok, the developer name displays the way you want, and the description doesn’t contain typos or strange characters.

If your app requires an account, please provide login information for a test account that Marketplace staff can use.

Note: Maintaining the app shows some more useful details to help with pricing and refunds.

After you submit the app

Before your app is made available to the public, it goes through a review process to ensure that it is of high quality and not malicious. See the Marketplace review criteria for the review criteria and process.

You can use the Manage Status page for your app to view its status in the review process, disable it (Disable App hides it from users) or delete it (Delete App removes it from the Firefox Marketplace).

After you have submitted your App and gotten it published, you should start promoting it! We would recommend creating a information and support page somewhere, to point people to for more information. We have created some button assets that you can use to promote your app and link through to the Marketplace.

Receiving and responding to user feedback

Receiving and responding to user feedback is an integral part of engaging users. User feedback provides invaluable insight into:

  • What the general reception of the app is
  • Criticisms of the app
  • Ideas for improvement and feature requests
  • Device-specific bugs

The right response can elicit buzz and faithfulness from app purchasers; an unprofessional or negative response can ruin your chance to fix app problems.

App refunds

Firefox Marketplace users are entitled to refunds within 30 minutes of purchases. After that 30 minutes, developers can review refund requests on an individual basis. Read the Marketplace Payments FAQ for more information about payments and refunds.

App update process

To find out more about publishing and propagating app updates, read Updating Apps.

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