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<h3 name="Specific_Changes"> Specific Changes </h3>
<ul><li> <a href="en/Tree_Widget_Changes">Tree Widget Changes</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/International_characters_in_XUL_JavaScript">International characters in XUL JavaScript</a> (only affects extensions with JavaScript files containing non-ASCII characters)
</li><li> <a href="en/XMLHttpRequest_changes_for_Gecko1.8">XMLHttpRequest changes</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/XUL_Changes_for_Firefox_1.5">XUL Changes for Firefox 1.5</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/XPCNativeWrapper">XPCNativeWrappers</a> are on by default, and the behavior changed somewhat compared to 1.0.x
<h3 name="Other_Information"> Other Information </h3>
<ul><li> <a href="en/Using_nsIXULAppInfo">How to check application's version using nsIXULAppInfo</a>
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">MozillaZine</a>
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