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"XML", "XMLHttpRequest", "AJAX", "JXON", "References", "JSON", "JavaScript", "DOM"
"XML", "XMLHttpRequest", "AJAX", "JXON", "References", "JSON", "JavaScript", "DOM"

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n8      <strong><a href="/en-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started" title="en8      <strong><a href="../en-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started" title=
>n-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started">Getting Started</a></strong><br>>"en-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started">Getting Started</a></strong><br
n13        <strong>Asynchronous JavaScript + XML</strong>, while notn13        <strong>Asynchronous JavaScript + XML</strong>, while not
> a technology in itself, is a term coined in 2005 by Jesse James > a technology in itself, is a term coined in 2005 by Jesse James 
>Garrett, that describes a "new" approach to using a number of exi>Garrett, that describes a "new" approach to using a number of exi
>sting technologies together, including: <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML>sting technologies together, including: <a href="../en-US/docs/HT
>" title="en-US/docs/HTML">HTML</a> or <a href="/en-US/docs/XHTML">ML" title="en-US/docs/HTML">HTML</a> or <a href="../en-US/docs/XH
> title="en-US/docs/XHTML">XHTML</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/CSS" ti>TML" title="en-US/docs/XHTML">XHTML</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/C
>tle="en-US/docs/CSS">Cascading Style Sheets</a>, <a href="/en-US/>SS" title="en-US/docs/CSS">Cascading Style Sheets</a>, <a href=".
>docs/JavaScript" title="en-US/docs/JavaScript">JavaScript</a>, <a>./en-US/docs/JavaScript" title="en-US/docs/JavaScript">JavaScript
> href="/en-US/docs/DOM" title="en-US/docs/DOM">The Document Objec></a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM" title="en-US/docs/DOM">The Docu
>t Model</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/XML" title="en-US/docs/XML">XML>ment Object Model</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/XML" title="en-US/d
></a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/XSLT" title="en-US/docs/XSLT">XSLT</a>>ocs/XML">XML</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/XSLT" title="en-US/docs/
>, and the most importantly <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpReques>XSLT">XSLT</a>, and the most importantly <a href="../en-US/docs/D
>t">XMLHttpRequest object</a>.<br>>OM/XMLHttpRequest">XMLHttpRequest object</a>.<br>
n17        Although X in AJAX stands for XML, <a href="/en-US/docs/Jn17        Although X in AJAX stands for XML, <a href="../en-US/docs
>SON" title="">JSON</>/JSON" title="">JSON
>a> is used more than XML nowadays because of its many advantages ></a> is used more than XML nowadays because of its many advantage
>such as being lighter and a part of JavaScript. Both JSON and XML>s such as being lighter and a part of JavaScript. Both JSON and X
> are used for packaging information in AJAX model.>ML are used for packaging information in AJAX model.
n24            <h2 class="Documentation" id="Documentation" name="Don24            <h2 class="Documentation" id="Documentation">
n29                <a href="/en-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started" title=n29                <a href="../en-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started" titl
>"en-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started">AJAX:Getting Started</a>>e="en-US/docs/AJAX/Getting_Started">Getting Started</a>
n35                <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Using_XMLn35                <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Using_X
>HttpRequest" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Using_XMLHttpR>MLHttpRequest" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Using_XMLHtt
>equest">Using the XMLHttpRequest API</a>>pRequest">Using the XMLHttpRequest API</a>
36              </dt>
37              <dd>36              </dt>
37              <dd>
38                The <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest" titl38                The <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest" ti
>e="XMLHttpRequest"><code>XMLHttpRequest</code> API</a> is the cor>tle="XMLHttpRequest"><code>XMLHttpRequest</code> API</a> is the c
>e of AJAX. This article will explain you how to use some AJAX tec>ore of AJAX. This article will explain you how to use some AJAX t
>hniques, like:>echniques, like:
n41                    <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Usingn41                    <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Usi
>_XMLHttpRequest#Handling_responses" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHtt>ng_XMLHttpRequest#Handling_responses" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLH
>pRequest/Using_XMLHttpRequest#Handling_responses">analyzing and m>ttpRequest/Using_XMLHttpRequest#Handling_responses">analyzing and
>anipulating the response of the server</a>,> manipulating the response of the server</a>,
42                  </li>
43                  <li>42                  </li>
43                  <li>
44                    <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Using44                    <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Usi
>_XMLHttpRequest#Monitoring_progress" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHt>ng_XMLHttpRequest#Monitoring_progress" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XML
>tpRequest/Using_XMLHttpRequest#Monitoring_progress">monitoring th>HttpRequest/Using_XMLHttpRequest#Monitoring_progress">monitoring 
>e progress of a request</a>,>the progress of a request</a>,
45                  </li>
46                  <li>45                  </li>
46                  <li>
47                    <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Using47                    <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Usi
>_XMLHttpRequest#Submitting_forms_and_uploading_files" title="/en->ng_XMLHttpRequest#Submitting_forms_and_uploading_files" title="/e
>and_uploading_files">submitting forms and upload binary files</a>>s_and_uploading_files">submitting forms and upload binary files</
> in <em>pure</em> AJAX or using <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpR>a> in <em>pure</em> AJAX or using <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLH
>equest/FormData" title="DOM/XMLHttpRequest/FormData"><code>FormDa>ttpRequest/FormData" title="DOM/XMLHttpRequest/FormData"><code>Fo
>ta</code></a> objects,>rmData</code></a> objects,
48                  </li>
49                  <li>48                  </li>
49                  <li>
50                    <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Using50                    <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Usi
>_XMLHttpRequest#Types_of_requests" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttp>ng_XMLHttpRequest#Types_of_requests" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHt
>Request/Using_XMLHttpRequest#Types_of_requests">creating synchron>tpRequest/Using_XMLHttpRequest#Types_of_requests">creating synchr
>ous or asynchronous requests</a>,>onous or asynchronous requests</a>,
n52                  <li>using AJAX within <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/n52                  <li>using AJAX within <a href="../en-US/docs/DO
>Worker" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/Worker">Web workers</a>.>M/Worker" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/Worker">Web workers</a>.
nn57                <a href="../en-US/docs/Server-sent_events" title=
 >"/en-US/docs/Server-sent_events">Server-sent events</a>
58              </dt>
59              <dd>
60                Traditionally, a web page has to send a request t
 >o the server to receive new data; that is, the page requests data
 > from the server. With server-sent events, it's possible for a se
 >rver to send new data to a web page at any time, by pushing messa
 >ges to the web page. These incoming messages can be treated as <e
 >m><a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/event" title="DOM/Event">Events</a> 
 >+ data</em> inside the web page. See also:&nbsp; <a href="../en-U
 >S/docs/Server-sent_events/Using_server-sent_events" title="/en-US
 >/docs/Server-sent_events/Using_server-sent_events">Using server-s
 >ent events</a>.
61              </dd>
62              <dt>
57                <a href="/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/DOM/Manipulating_t63                <a href="../en-US/docs/Web/Guide/DOM/Manipulating
>he_browser_history/Example" title="/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/DOM/Mani>_the_browser_history/Example" title="/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/DOM/Ma
>pulating_the_browser_history/Example"><em>Pure-AJAX</em> navigati>nipulating_the_browser_history/Example"><em>Pure-AJAX</em> naviga
>on example</a>>tion example</a>
n63                <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Sending_an69                <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Sending
>nd_Receiving_Binary_Data" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/S>_and_Receiving_Binary_Data" title="/en-US/docs/DOM/XMLHttpRequest
>ending_and_Receiving_Binary_Data">Sending and Receiving Binary Da>/Sending_and_Receiving_Binary_Data">Sending and Receiving Binary 
n69                <a href="/en-US/docs/XML" title="XML">XML</a>n75                <a href="../en-US/docs/XML" title="XML">XML</a>
n75                <a href="/en-US/docs/JXON" title="JXON">JXON</a>n81                <a href="../en-US/docs/JXON" title="JXON">JXON</a
n81                <a href="/en-US/docs/Parsing_and_serializing_XML"n87                <a href="../en-US/docs/Parsing_and_serializing_XM
> title="Parsing_and_serializing_XML">Parsing and serializing XML<>L" title="Parsing_and_serializing_XML">Parsing and serializing XM
n87                <a href="/en-US/docs/XPath" title="XPath">XPath</n93                <a href="../en-US/docs/XPath" title="XPath">XPath
88              </dt>
89              <dd>94              </dt>
95              <dd>
90                XPath stands for <strong>X</strong>ML <strong>Pat96                XPath stands for <strong>X</strong>ML <strong>Pat
>h</strong> Language, it uses a non-XML syntax that provides a fle>h</strong> Language, it uses a non-XML syntax that provides a fle
>xible way of addressing (pointing to) different parts of an <a hr>xible way of addressing (pointing to) different parts of an <a hr
>ef="/en-US/docs/XML" title="XML">XML</a> document. As well as thi>ef="../en-US/docs/XML" title="XML">XML</a> document. As well as t
>s, it can also be used to test addressed nodes within a document >his, it can also be used to test addressed nodes within a documen
>to determine whether they match a pattern or not.>t to determine whether they match a pattern or not.
91              </dd>
92              <dt>97              </dd>
98              <dt>
93                <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/FileReader" title="/en-U99                <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM/FileReader" title="/en
>S/docs/DOM/FileReader">The <code>FileReader</code> API</a>>-US/docs/DOM/FileReader">The <code>FileReader</code> API</a>
n99                <a class="external" href="http://www.webreferencen
>.com/programming/ajax_tech/">Alternate Ajax Techniques</a> 
100              </dt>
101              <dd>
102                Most articles on Ajax have focused on using XMLHt
>tp as the means to achieving such communication, but Ajax techniq 
>ues are not limited to just XMLHttp. There are several other meth 
103              </dd>
104              <dt>
105                <a class="external" href="http://www.adaptivepath
>.com/publications/essays/archives/000385.php">Ajax: A New Approac 
>h to Web Applications</a> 
106              </dt>
107              <dd>
108                Jesse James Garrett, of <a class="external" href=
>"">adaptive path</a>, wrote this artic 
>le in February 2005, introducing AJAX and its related concepts. 
109              </dd>
110              <dt>
111                <a class="external" href="
>ub/a/onlamp/2005/05/19/xmlhttprequest.html">A Simpler Ajax Path</ 
112              </dt>
113              <dd>
114                "As it turns out, it's pretty easy to take advant
>age of the XMLHttpRequest object to make a web app act more like  
>a desktop app while still using traditional tools like web forms  
>for collecting user input." 
115              </dd>
116              <dt>
117                <a class="external" href="http://www.contentwiths
>g-for-ajax-apps/" title=" 
>>Fixing the Back Button and Enabling Bookmarking for AJAX Apps</a 
118              </dt>
119              <dd>
120                Mike Stenhouse has penned this article, detailing
> some methods you can use to fix back button and bookmarking issu 
>es when developing AJAX applications. 
121              </dd>
122              <dt>
123                <a class="external" href="http://alexbosworth.bac
>">Ajax Mistakes</a> 
124              </dt>
125              <dd>
126                Alex Bosworth has written this article outlining 
>some of the mistakes AJAX application developers can make. 
127              </dd>
128              <dt>
129                <a class="external" href="
>l-ajax.html">Tutorial</a> with examples. 
130              </dt>
131              <dd>
132                &nbsp;
133              </dd>
134              <dt>
n138                &nbsp;n108                The W3C <a class="external" href="http://dvcs.w3.
 >org/hg/xhr/raw-file/tip/Overview.html">XMLHttpRequest</a> specifi
 >cation adds HTML parsing support to <a href="/en/DOM/XMLHttpReque
 >st" title="en/DOM/XMLHttpRequest"><code>XMLHttpRequest</code></a>
 >, which originally supported only XML parsing. This feature allow
 >s Web apps to obtain an HTML resource as a parsed DOM using <code
139              </dd>
140              <dt>
141                <a class="external" href="
>LHttpRequest/">XMLHttpRequest specification</a> 
142              </dt>
143              <dd>109              </dd>
144                W3C Working draft
145              </dd>110              <dt>
146              <dt>
147                <a href="/en-US/docs/AJAX/Other_Resources" title=111                <a href="../en-US/docs/AJAX/Other_Resources" titl
>"en-US/docs/AJAX/Other_Resources">Other resources</a>>e="en-US/docs/AJAX/Other_Resources">Other resources</a>
n154              <span class="alllinks"><a href="/en-US/docs/tag/AJAn118              <span class="alllinks"><a href="../en-US/docs/tag/A
>X" title="en-US/docs/tag/AJAX">View All...</a></span>>JAX" title="en-US/docs/tag/AJAX">View All...</a></span>
nn120            <h2 class="Other" id="Other">
121              See also
122            </h2>
123            <dl>
124              <dt>
125                <a href="
 >ajax_tech/">Alternate Ajax Techniques</a>
126              </dt>
127              <dd>
128                Most articles on Ajax have focused on using XMLHt
 >tp as the means to achieving such communication, but Ajax techniq
 >ues are not limited to just XMLHttp. There are several other meth
129              </dd>
130              <dt>
131                <a href="
 >/essays/archives/000385.php">Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applicat
132              </dt>
133              <dd>
134                Jesse James Garrett, of <a href="http://www.adapt
 >">adaptive path</a>, wrote this article in February 20
 >05, introducing AJAX and its related concepts.
135              </dd>
136              <dt>
137                <a href="
 >05/19/xmlhttprequest.html">A Simpler Ajax Path</a>
138              </dt>
139              <dd>
140                "As it turns out, it's pretty easy to take advant
 >age of the XMLHttpRequest object to make a web app act more like 
 >a desktop app while still using traditional tools like web forms 
 >for collecting user input."
141              </dd>
142              <dt>
143                <a href="
 > title="
 >-button-and-enabling-bookmarking-for-ajax-apps/">Fixing the Back 
 >Button and Enabling Bookmarking for AJAX Apps</a>
144              </dt>
145              <dd>
146                Mike Stenhouse has penned this article, detailing
 > some methods you can use to fix back button and bookmarking issu
 >es when developing AJAX applications.
147              </dd>
148              <dt>
149                <a href="
 >7688">Ajax Mistakes</a>
150              </dt>
151              <dd>
152                Alex Bosworth has written this article outlining 
 >some of the mistakes AJAX application developers can make.
153              </dd>
154              <dt>
155                <a href="">Tuto
 >rial</a> with examples.
156              </dt>
157              <dd>
158                &nbsp;
159              </dd>
160              <dt>
161                <a href="">XM
 >LHttpRequest specification</a>
162              </dt>
163              <dd>
164                W3C Working draft
165              </dd>
166            </dl>
n158            <h2 class="Community" id="Community" name="Community"n169            <h2 class="Community" id="Community">
n170                <a href="/en-US/docs/AJAX/Community" title="en-USn181                <a href="../en-US/docs/AJAX/Community" title="en-
>/docs/AJAX/Community">AJAX community links</a>>US/docs/AJAX/Community">AJAX community links</a>
171              </li>
172            </ul>182              </li>
183            </ul>
173            <h2 class="Tools" id="Tools" name="Tools">184            <h2 class="Tools" id="Tools">
n178                <a class="external" href="http://www.ajaxprojectsn189                <a href="">Toolkits an
>.com">Toolkits and frameworks</a>>d frameworks</a>
179              </li>
180              <li>190              </li>
181                <a class="external" href="http://www.getfirebug.c
>om/">Firebug - Ajax/Web development tool</a> 
182              </li>191              <li>
192                <a href="">Firebug - Aj
 >ax/Web development tool</a>
183              <li>193              </li>
184                <a class="external" href="
>m/archives/000252.html">AJAX Debugging Tool</a> 
185              </li>194              <li>
195                <a href="
 >.html">AJAX Debugging Tool</a>
186              <li>196              </li>
187                <a class="external" href="
>doku.php?id=flashjs">Flash/AJAX Integration Kit</a> 
188              </li>197              <li>
198                <a href="
 >js">Flash/AJAX Integration Kit</a>
189              <li>199              </li>
200              <li>
190                <a class="external" href="                <a href="">A
>script/XHConn/">A Simple XMLHTTP Interface Library</a>> Simple XMLHTTP Interface Library</a>
n194              <span class="alllinks"><a href="/en-US/docs/AJAX:Ton205              <span class="alllinks"><a href="../en-US/docs/AJAX:
>ols" title="en-US/docs/AJAX:Tools">View All...</a></span>>Tools" title="en-US/docs/AJAX:Tools">View All...</a></span>
n196            <h2 id="Examples" name="Examples">n207            <h2 id="Examples">
n201                <a class="external" href="http://www.dhtmlgoodiesn212                <a href="
>.com/index.html?whichScript=ajax-poller">AJAX poller script</a>>hichScript=ajax-poller">AJAX poller script</a>
202              </li>
203              <li>213              </li>
204                <a class="external" href="http://www.ajaxprojects
>.com/ajax/tutorialdetails.php?itemid=9">Ajax Chat Tutorial</a> 
205              </li>214              <li>
215                <a href="
 >ldetails.php?itemid=9">Ajax Chat Tutorial</a>
206              <li>216              </li>
207                <a class="external" href="http://www.ajaxprojects
>.com/ajax/tutorialdetails.php?itemid=13">RSS Ticker with AJAX</a> 
208              </li>217              <li>
218                <a href="
 >ldetails.php?itemid=13">RSS Ticker with AJAX</a>
209              <li>219              </li>
210                <a class="external" href="
>/ajax_login/login.html#login">AJAX Login System using XMLHttpRequ 
211              </li>220              <li>
221                <a href="
 >.html#login">AJAX Login System using XMLHttpRequest</a>
212              <li>222              </li>
213                <a class="external" href="http://www.thinkvitamin
>.com/features/ajax/create-your-own-ajax-effects">Create your own  
>Ajax effects</a> 
214              </li>223              <li>
224                <a href="
 >x/create-your-own-ajax-effects">Create your own Ajax effects</a>
215              <li>225              </li>
216                <a class="external" href="http://codinginparadise
>.org/weblog/2005/08/ajax-creating-huge-bookmarklets.html">AJAX: C 
>reating Huge Bookmarklets</a> 
217              </li>226              <li>
227                <a href="
 >08/ajax-creating-huge-bookmarklets.html">AJAX: Creating Huge Book
218              <li>228              </li>
219                <a class="external" href=""
>>AJAX: Hot!Ajax There are many cool examples</a> 
220              </li>229              <li>
230                <a href="">AJAX: Hot!Ajax T
 >here are many cool examples</a>
221            </ul>231              </li>
232            </ul>
222            <h2 class="Related_Topics" id="Related_Topics" name="233            <h2 class="Related_Topics" id="Related_Topics">
t226              <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML" title="en-US/docs/HTML">t237              <a href="../en-US/docs/HTML" title="en-US/docs/HTML
>HTML</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/XHTML" title="en-US/docs/XHTML">XH>">HTML</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/XHTML" title="en-US/docs/XHTML
>TML</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/CSS" title="en-US/docs/CSS">CSS</a>>">XHTML</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/CSS" title="en-US/docs/CSS">C
>, <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM" title="en-US/docs/DOM">DOM</a>, <a hr>SS</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/DOM" title="en-US/docs/DOM">DOM</a
>ef="/en-US/docs/JavaScript" title="en-US/docs/JavaScript">JavaScr>>, <a href="../en-US/docs/JavaScript" title="en-US/docs/JavaScrip
>ipt</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/XML" title="en-US/docs/XML">XML</a>>t">JavaScript</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/XML" title="en-US/docs/
>, <a href="/en-US/docs/nsIXMLHttpRequest" title="en-US/docs/XMLHt>XML">XML</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs/nsIXMLHttpRequest" title="en
>tpRequest">XMLHttpRequest</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/XSLT" title=">-US/docs/XMLHttpRequest">XMLHttpRequest</a>, <a href="../en-US/do
>en-US/docs/XSLT">XSLT</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/DHTML" title="en->cs/XSLT" title="en-US/docs/XSLT">XSLT</a>, <a href="../en-US/docs
>US/docs/DHTML">DHTML</a>, <a href="/en-US/docs/JavaScript/Same_or>/DHTML" title="en-US/docs/DHTML">DHTML</a>, <a href="../en-US/doc
>igin_policy_for_JavaScript" title="en-US/docs/JavaScript/Same_ori>s/JavaScript/Same_origin_policy_for_JavaScript" title="en-US/docs
>gin_policy_for_JavaScript">Same Origin Policy</a>>/JavaScript/Same_origin_policy_for_JavaScript">Same Origin Policy

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