SoundBox Lite

An HTML5 synth music tracker

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, Mobile, Audio,


More About This Demo From The Author

This is a tool for composing synthetic music directly in your browser. The tool and the software synth has a minimalistic design, and the resulting song data is small enough to fit in an URL.

Even so it takes some time to master this tool, but once you're comfortable with it you can produce quite amazing sounds and music.

Some demo songs have been included to get you started.

This is a work-in-progress snap-shot of a project called SoundBox that has not been released yet. The sound synth has its roots in the C language synth Sonant by Jake Taylor (Ferris/Youth Uprising), and was initially ported to JavaScript as a proof-of-concept project. In SoundBox Lite, the synth core has been rewritten to provide some new features and better performance.

Since this tool uses the audio tag to produce sound, it should work in most browsers (tested in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox mobile - though the UI isn't really optimized for mobile yet).

About this Demo

Download the Source 459.94 KB · ZIP File

This demo is released under the GPL license.