View where your friends are and view social and other useful informations around you, like interesting places to see, tweets, special deals, weather.

Built using Geolocation, JavaScript, Mobile, XMLHttpRequest


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This web application is an aggregator of many different types of, mainly social, informations.
It shows weather informations around you (clicking on the weather image in the top-right corner), it shows tweets about the city where you or your friends are, interesting places to see around you and your friends (taken from wikipedia), nearby Groupon deals, and above all it lets you see where your friends are in (more or less) real-time.
An user could use the application for example to see if one of his friends is near him, to plan something to do with them (for example if he sees an interesting place to visit around one of his friends or if he sees good weather forecasts), to spy his girlfriend moves (ok, this is not a good example), et cetera.

As my web server is really really slow and the requests are many, you could wait a bit to obtain your friends on the map.
Many APIs (Groupon, Twitter, Geonames) have a rate limit, so they could stop working for some time. Groupon API doesn't work for some countries.

A Firefox icon is shown by default in your position, until you connect with Twitter or Facebook (Facebook friends are showed only on my server, not on the demo).

About this Demo

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This demo is released under the MPL/GPL/LGPL license.