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Pure CSS Demo No Images Used (best result if viewed in chrome) .

Built using CSS3, Audio,


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showing CSS-animation (best result if viewed in chrome) . I tried to show how one can create an environment using only CSS. My first demo on mozilla . Enjoy !! :)

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  1. anki028 said,

    Nice work !! liked your helicopter !!
  2. cs1ranger said,

    Thanks :)
  3. Pluto said,

    Looks cool! A few things though...

    I don't think you're supposed to be able scroll with your arrows, but I can go to the right. When I do, I see the door of the car moves with my screen, out of place and ahead of the car.

    By changing the CSS position attribute of the .tgate class to absolute, it fixes the door problem.
  4. cs1ranger said,

    Hey, Pluto i didn't get u . Which browser r u using ? It's working fine on mine .

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