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    After submission

    This page provides some information about caring for your app after submission.

    App promotion

    After you have submitted your App and gotten it published, you should start promoting it! We would recommend creating a information and support page somewhere, to point people to for more information. We have created some button assets that you can use to promote your app and link through to the Marketplace.

    Receiving and responding to user feedback

    Receiving and responding to user feedback is an integral part of engaging users. User feedback provides invaluable insight into:

    • What the general reception of the app is
    • Criticisms of the app
    • Ideas for improvement and feature requests
    • Device-specific bugs

    The right response can elicit buzz and faithfulness from app purchasers; an unprofessional or negative response can ruin your chance to fix app problems.

    App refunds

    Firefox Marketplace users are entitled to refunds within 30 minutes of purchases. After that 30 minutes, developers can review refund requests on an individual basis. Read Refunds for more information about payments and refunds.

    App update process

    To find out more about publishing and propagating app updates, read Updating Apps.

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