Introduction — Your Publication Options

The Firefox Marketplace provides a channel through which you can publish your apps and make them easily discoverable by users of Firefox OS, Firefox for Android and Firefox for Desktop. However, it isn't the only option you have for making your apps available. In this section, you'll discover the formats in which you can deliver your apps, the mechanisms in Firefox browsers to enable your apps for Android devices and desktop PCs, options for publishing apps yourself and the ways in which you can create your own custom Marketplace.

Your publishing options

Packaged apps
Find out about the preferred method of delivering your apps - one which offers you access to privileged and secure APIs.
Hosted apps
Find out how to make your apps available from a server, while giving users the benefits of an installed app.
Packaged or hosted?
Use this checklist to determine which delivery format best suits your apps.
Open Web Apps for Android
Your Firefox Marketplace apps are now delivered to Android users in an APK, enabling then to install and use your apps just as they would any other Android app. Find out how this is done.
Open Web Apps for Desktop
Your Open Web Apps are now installed into Windows, Mac and Linux PCs by the Firefox for Desktop browser, enabling users to run your apps just as they do any other desktop app. Find out how this is done.
Publishing apps yourself
On occasions you may want to publish your apps outside Firefox Marketplace, perhaps to make them available for testing or distribution in your enterprise. Find out about the options you have and how to implement them.
Creating your own Marketplace
Whether you publish your apps in Firefox Marketplace, or publish them yourself, you have a number of options for presenting them in a store. This section looks at the options and how you implement them.


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