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Firefox Marketplace payments are processed on a country by country basis, with different prices and payment methods available in each country. This article details which countries are supported by marketplace payments, and provides links to more specific information about each country.

Note: A list of price points is documented on our App Pricing page and is available through the API.

Payments support by country

These are the countries in which the Marketplace currently supports payments. We are working on adding support for more countries all the time. For a list of supported countries, please see the App Pricing page.

App payouts

See the pages below for more details on the payout for each country. Note that, while we support local currencies for billing, credit card payments can only be handled in Pounds sterling, US dollars and Euros.

More information on rates

To get more information on rates, go to the Firefox Marketplace and go to the page of your app. Click Compatibility & Payments, then Add manage or view transactions for your payment account. Then click the View Transactions link, as shown below.

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