App pricing

Pricing on the Firefox Marketplace can be tricky because pricing varies in across regions. This page tells you what you need to know about app pricing in terms of setting prices, revenue split, taxes, payment methods, receiving payments, fraud prevention, and more.

Pricing with price points

Pricing in the Firefox Marketplace is based on fixed "price points." You select a price point and that price is applied across all regions where an equivalent price, in the best applicable local currency, is presented to a customer in the regions in which you have selected to make your app or in-app product available. Price points range from US$0.10 (price point 1) to US$49.99 (price point 140). Price points can be used to set a price for your app in Firefox Marketplace as well as for in-app payments.

Example: An application priced at price point 10 would sell for US$0.99 (not including local sales taxes) in regions where the best applicable currency is the US dollar, €0.89 (including European Value Added Tax) in regions where the best applicable currency is the euro, and Colombian peso COP$2060.00 (including Colombian VAT) in Colombia with operator billing, or US$0.99 if paying by credit card in that region.

Price point table

Price point Colombia United Kingdom Venezuela Germany United States Hungary Spain Mexico Poland
VAT/Tax included in price yes (16%) yes (20%) yes (12%) yes (19%) no yes (27%) yes (21%) yes (16%) yes (23%)
Tier 0 $0.00 £0.00 $0.00 €0.00 $0.00 Ft 0.00 €0.00 $0.00 0.00 zł
Tier 1 n/a n/a n/a €0.10 [2] n/a Ft 25.00 [2] €0.10 [2] $1.50 [2] 0.49 zł [2]
Tier 5 n/a n/a n/a €0.25 [2] n/a Ft 70.00 [2] €0.25 [2] $3.75 [2] 0.98 zł [2]
Tier 7 n/a n/a n/a €0.40 [2] n/a Ft 135.00 [2] €0.45 [2] $7.51 [2] 1.99 zł [2]
Tier 10 $2060.00 £0.75 [1] $0.99 [1] €0.89 $0.99 [1] Ft 270.00 €0.89 $15.00 3.99 zł
Tier 20 $4150.00 £1.50 [1] $1.99 [1] €1.89 $1.99 [1] Ft 545.00 €1.89 $30.00 7.69 zł
Tier 30 $6240.00 £2.25 [1] $2.99 [1] €2.79 $2.99 [1] Ft 820.00 €2.79 $45.00 11.59 zł
Tier 40 $8320.00 £3.00 [1] $3.99 [1] €3.79 $3.99 [1] Ft 1095.00 €3.79 $60.00 15.49 zł
Tier 50 $10420.00 £3.75 [1] $4.99 [1] €4.69 $4.99 [1] Ft 1360.00 €4.69 $75.00 19.50 zł
Tier 60 $14600.00 [1] £5.25 [1] $6.99 [1] €6.59 $6.99 [1] Ft 1900.00 €6.59 $105.00 26.99 zł
Tier 70 $20840.00 [1] £7.50 [1] $9.99 [1] €9.49 $9.99 [1] Ft 2720.00 €9.49 $150.00 38.79 zł
Tier 80 $26070.00 [1] £9.50 [1] $12.49 [1] €11.59 $12.49 [1] Ft 3400.00 [1] €11.59 $185.00 48.49 zł
Tier 90 $31280.00 [1] £11.25 [1] $14.99 [1] €14.19 $14.99 [1] Ft 4080.00 [1] €14.19 $225.00 57.99 zł [1]
Tier 100 $41720.00 [1] £15.00 [1] $19.99 [1] €18.99 $19.99 [1] Ft 5450.00 [1] €18.99 $300.00 77.49 zł [1]
Tier 110 $52160.00 [1] £18.75 [1] $24.99 [1] €23.59 $24.99 [1] Ft 6800.00 [1] €23.59 $375.00 96.99 zł [1]
Tier 120 $62580.00 [1] £22.50 [1] $29.99 [1] €28.39 $29.99 [1] Ft 8170.00 [1] €28.39 $450.00 116.49 zł [1]
Last updated: Fri Apr 18 2014 05:49:11 GMT-0700 (PDT).
  • [1] Credit card purchase only.
  • [2] Carrier billing only, no credit card purchase.

Setting your product's price

When you set a price for your app or in-app product, you choose a price point and select the countries that you want your product to be available in. For apps, choosing a country does not limit users in other countries from purchasing your app, it only determines which country's store (one or more) your app is available in. A user in another country can purchase your app if they have a payment method that they can use for that country.

How do the price point tables work?

Non-US-dollar prices are calculated using a pre-set exchange rate for each currency and then rounded to a more market-friendly number. Price rounding and foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations mean that non-US prices will probably not match exactly the US prices at any given moment. The non-US prices will remain fixed until they need to be adjusted so that prices remain relatively similar across countries. We don't intent to adjust pricing often, but if we do, it should not be more often than every 6 months. With few exceptions, price points are usually within 1% to 2% of the US price, though they may not appear that way since some country prices include VAT added on top.

Tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive price points

Prices displayed in different regions can be tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive. Tax-inclusive means the tax (typically VAT) is already included in the price that is displayed to the end user. Tax-exclusive means that taxes, if any, are added on top of the displayed price.

The VAT rate varies by region, but is typically the VAT rate of the country your app is sold into (if billed by an operator), or the VAT rate in the UK (currently 20%) if sold by credit card in VAT-eligible regions. When an end user pays, they will be charged in the currency of the region associated with their payment information or associated with their current location, as well as we can determine it.

If a user is in a region where the price is tax-exclusive, local taxes and fees may be added onto the price, and the user may not see these additional charges until they are invoiced or until they receive a settlement statement from their mobile operator or bank.

How is the revenue split determined?

When you set up your payment account as a developer, you choose a currency to get paid in. Currencies supported for payout include US dollars ($), euros (€), and Great Britain pounds (£). For a tax-inclusive price, as a general rule you will receive about 70% of the amount the end user pays for your app, after taxes and certain fees are deducted. For a tax-inclusive price, you will receive about 70% of the end user price in the price table (because the tax will be added to the end user's payment). Due to currency fluctuations and the differences in VAT rates, the exact amount may vary by region.

The remaining 30% is split between Mozilla, the mobile operator, and the payment provider. It includes transaction fees and service charges that may be associated with commercial transaction processing. Mozilla receives between 5% and 7.5%, depending on the arrangements that have been made.

Payment methods: mobile operator billing and credit cards

A great advantage to selling through the Firefox Marketplace is the ability to charge the user directly to their mobile phone account. In emerging markets where credit card usage is not as prevalent, this is an important means of mobile payment.

Currently, mobile operator billing is enabled only in regions where Mozilla has established an agreement with the mobile operator to do this. An end user must have a SIM card with the mobile operator and have available funds in order to charge an app or an in-app payment to their mobile phone number. Otherwise the customer can use a credit card to pay for an app.

Some mobile operators have a minimum and maximum amount that a user can charge to their mobile number, and this varies across operators. If an app is priced over that limit, payment will default to a credit card, and not all end users have a credit card. In some regions where there isn't an established direct billing relationship with a mobile operator, only credit cards will be accepted, and the app must be paid for in US dollars, euros, or Great Britain pounds.

Note: For credit cards there is a minimum charge of price tier 10 (US$0.99). There is currently a maximum price of US$30.00 on a credit card. Visa® and MasterCard® credit cards are accepted as credit card choices.

Preventing fraud

A payment provider may have a number of fraud controls in place. In order to reduce fraud, only credit cards issued by banks in the user's physical location are supported. Thus, it may not possible for a user with a credit card issued by a Brazilian bank to purchase apps in Colombia, but it might be possible to use the same credit card in Brazil.

Getting paid: setting up a payment account

Before you can charge for your app or accept in-app payments, you must first set up an account with a payment provider that is providing payment services in the region you have selected. Each payment provider may have their own terms of service, independent of Mozilla's terms of service, and you may need to agree to their terms in order to sell your apps in the Firefox Marketplace or use Firefox Marketplace for in-app payments.

You can set up a payment account in your developer account in the Firefox Marketplace. Go to the Compatibility & Payments section for your app and add a payment account for the regions that you have selected.

Note: Bango is the payment provider for the Firefox Marketplace.

Receiving your share: getting paid

You will have a direct relationship with payment providers, and they will pay you. You will receive a Self Billing Invoice (SBI) that will itemize the amount you sold, the amount refunded to customers, and the amount paid to you, including VAT, if you are in a region that requires that you remit VAT.

You can access their payment portal through your developer account in Firefox Marketplace. The payment terms and schedule, and the time it takes to settle your account may vary by region due to mobile operator billing schedules and consumer laws affecting refunds. Please review these terms with the payment provider.


This section explains how sales taxes are handled.


Bango handles VAT remission to local taxing authorities. Each region has different taxes and remittance requirements based on their local laws, and you should consult your accountant or taxing authority for more details. The Self Billing Invoice will invoice Bango based on a pre-VAT price. You may see how this works in the payout tables. If you are located outside an area where VAT is required by the seller, you may be entitled to a refund from the taxing authority and you should consult your accountant.

Withholding taxes and exchange fees

Bango pays out in US dollars ($), euros (€), or Great Britain pounds (£). You can select what you want. Bango may be required by law to withhold and submit local taxes for you if it is moving the money in order to pay you. The withholding tax rates vary by country, and may be subject to exchange fees. You may also be charged a currency exchange fee of 1.9% to 2.5% when exchanging local currency into US dollars, euros, or Great Britain pounds. We understand this may not be advantageous to all developers and are working on alternative solutions.

Your revenue share

Your revenue share from an app sale is based on the country, currency and method of payment. See Payments status for more details on the payouts for each country.

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