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    Samsung Nexus S

    The Nexus S is a "tier 2" platform for Firefox OS. It's not a target, but there is support for it in the build process. Any help on supporting this device is welcome. Please note that as of mid-March 2015, it is no longer actively used and maintained.


    It has been reported to work with i9020, i9020A, i9023 and SHW-M200k devices. A full list of bugs related to supporting this device can be found at

    Usability (up to v1.1)

    The phone should be usable on a daily basis without any blocking issues. So far, the following is expected to work correctly when building a Gecko 18 (BRANCH=v1-train ./ nexus-s) system:

    • Placing/receiving phone calls
    • Handling MMI/USSD codes (like *#06# for IMEI, *#21# for call forwarding status)
    • Sending/receiving SMS and MMS
    • Taking photos (Gaia repo at the end of this page has specific patch for taking 5Mp photos)
    • Recording 480p videos (Gaia repo at the end of this page has specific patch for recording videos)
    • Using HSDPA and WiFi (also works with EAP, needs hand-written WPA Supplicant configuration)
    • Bluetooth
    • Geolocation
    • Hardware accelerated video playback (with some patches, see the bugs referenced)
    • USB Mass Storage
    • USB Tethering
    • WiFi Tethering (see below)

    Usability (master, from v1.4/2.0)

    Most of the functionalities are expected to work. Video playback and video recording are somewhat not working.

    Runtime issues

    WiFi Tethering

    WiFi Tethering works, but it seems that WiFi somehow breaks after disabling it. Either unloading then reloading the wifi kernel driver or rebooting the device circumvent this issue.

    rmmod bcm4329 && insmod /system/modules/bcm4329.ko iface_name=wlan0

    Patch repos

    Use gecko-18-local (and gecko-18-local+hd) branch for the mozilla-central repository, master-local for the others.

    More information

    You can find a thread about Firefox OS on Nexus S at It should contain decently up-to-date and working images.

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