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    Resources for App hackers, as generated from our workshops

    Firefox OS Simulator

    Firefox OS Simulator

    Developing/installing an app

    Firefox OS Boilerplate App (work in progress)

    (clean basic version with Install button, Web Activities, WebAPI examples, optional offline support etc)

    Code for version with packaged app:

    FxOSStub (template/design for an app with an Install button):

        Recommended: host on your own server or through GitHub pages    
        ( Example at


    Design patterns:

    Firefox OS Design Guidelines:



    WebAPIs in version 1:

    Documentation and their status for APIs:

    Robert's slides on Web APIs

    Writing (good) Webapps:

    Firefox Marketplace & Developer Hub

    File a bug on Marketplace!

    Developer Hub

    WebApps mailing list

    Marketplace Development Server (expect bugs!)

    Reference apps (Chrono, Face Value, Roller):


    Pitfalls and helpers for mobile Web apps

    Rob's slides on Pitfalls and Helpers

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