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    Firefox OS settings list

    Firefox OS offers a number of settings that configure the device and its built-in features. These settings can be accessed by certified apps using the Settings API.

    Note: Because of differences in features provided by different devices and different releases of Firefox OS, this list may or may not be an exact match for what's available on every device.

    Setting name Type Default value
    accessibility.invert Boolean false
    accessibility.screenreader Boolean false
    alarm.enabled Boolean false
    app.reportCrashes String ask
    app.update.interval Number 86400
    audio.volume.alarm Number 15
    audio.volume.bt_sco Number 15
    audio.volume.dtmf Number 15
    audio.volume.content Number 15
    audio.volume.notification Number 15
    audio.volume.tts Number 15
    audio.volume.telephony Number 5
    bluetooth.enabled Boolean false
    bluetooth.debugging.enabled Boolean false
    camera.shutter.enabled Boolean true Boolean false
    debug.grid.enabled Boolean false
    debug.oop.disabled Boolean false
    debug.fps.enabled Boolean false
    debug.ttl.enabled Boolean false
    debug.log-animations.enabled Boolean false
    debug.paint-flashing.enabled Boolean false
    debug.peformancedata.shared Boolean false
    deviceinfo.firmware_revision String  
    deviceinfo.hardware String  
    deviceinfo.os String  
    deviceinfo.platform_build_id String  
    deviceinfo.platform_version String String  
    deviceinfo.update_channel String  
    gaia.system.checkForUpdates Boolean false
    general.useragent.updates.enabled Boolean true
    geolocation.enabled Boolean true
    keyboard.layouts.english Boolean true
    keyboard.layouts.dvorak Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.otherlatins Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.cyrillic Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.arabic Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.hebrew Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.zhuyin Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.pinyin Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.greek Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.japanese Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.polish Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.portuguese Boolean false
    keyboard.layouts.spanish Boolean false
    keyboard.vibration Boolean false
    keyboard.clicksound Boolean false
    keyboard.autocorrect Boolean true
    keyboard.wordsuggestion Boolean true
    keyboard.current String en
    language.current String en-US
    lockscreen.passcode-lock.code String 0000
    lockscreen.passcode-lock.timeout Number 0
    lockscreen.passcode-lock.enabled Boolean false
    lockscreen.notifications-preview.enabled Boolean true
    lockscreen.enabled Boolean true
    lockscreen.locked Boolean true
    lockscreen.unlock-sound.enabled Boolean false
    mail.sent-sound.enabled Boolean true
    message.sent-sound.enabled Boolean true
    operatorvariant.mcc String 0
    operatorvariant.mnc String 0
    ril.iccInfo.mbdn String  
    ril.sms.strict7BitEncoding.enabled Boolean false
    ril.cellbroadcast.searchlist String  
    debug.console.enabled Boolean false
    phone.ring.keypad Boolean true
    powersave.enabled Boolean false
    powersave.threshold Number 0
    privacy.donottrackheader.enabled Boolean false
    ril.callwaiting.enabled Boolean false Boolean false String String Number 0 String String Number 0 String String Number 0 Boolean false String  
    ril.mms.apn String  
    ril.mms.carrier String  
    ril.mms.httpProxyHost String  
    ril.mms.httpProxyPort String  
    ril.mms.mmsc String  
    ril.mms.mmsport String  
    ril.mms.mmsproxy String  
    ril.mms.passwd String  
    ril.mms.user String String Boolean false
    ril.supl.apn String  
    ril.supl.carrier String  
    ril.supl.httpProxyHost String  
    ril.supl.httpProxyPort String  
    ril.supl.passwd String  
    ril.supl.user String  
    ril.sms.strict7BitEncoding.enabled Boolean false
    ril.sms.defaultServiceId Number 0
    ril.telephony.defaultServiceId Number 0
    ring.enabled Boolean true
    screen.automatic-brightness Boolean true
    screen.brightness Number 1
    screen.timeout Number 60
    tethering.usb.enabled Boolean false
    tethering.usb.ip String
    tethering.usb.prefix String 24
    tethering.usb.dhcpserver.startip String
    tethering.usb.dhcpserver.endip String
    tethering.wifi.enabled Boolean false
    tethering.wifi.ip String
    tethering.wifi.prefix String 24
    tethering.wifi.dhcpserver.startip String
    tethering.wifi.dhcpserver.endip String
    tethering.wifi.ssid String FirefoxHotspot String open String 1234567890
    tethering.wifi.connectedClients Number 0
    tethering.usb.connectedClients Number 0
    time.nitz.automatic-update.enabled Boolean true
    ums.enabled Boolean false
    ums.mode Number 0
    vibration.enabled Boolean true
    wifi.enabled Boolean true
    wifi.screen_off_timeout Number 600000
    wifi.disabled_by_wakelock Boolean false
    wifi.notification Boolean false
    wifi.connect_via_settings Boolean false
    icc.displayTextTimeout Number 40000
    icc.inputTextTimeout Number 40000

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