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    Firefox OS phone guide

    This section contains developer information relevant to specific phones that run Firefox OS — both developer and consumer devices. We have general information available on Building and installing Firefox OS and Hacking Firefox OS, so please go there for information about building and installing the platform from scratch. Developers with specific phones in their possession may however find the following articles useful.

    Developer phone information

    The phones listed here are specifically geared towards developers wanting to experiment with Firefox OS, including developing apps and contributing to the operating system itself. As such, they typically have unlocked SIMs, system files, etc.

    Information on Mozilla's high-end Firefox OS reference phone, codenamed the Flame, and produced in partnership with T2Mobile.
    In this article we cover some basic tips on how to keep your Geeksphone up-to-date and how to tweak the system Gaia applications.
    This article contains information on the ZTE OPEN Firefox OS device.
    The ZTE Open C is an updated ZTE-produced Firefox OS device, with higher end hardware and newer software.

    Consumer phone information

    The phones listed here are consumer models, so not ideal for developers wanting to hack on devices. However, There is still useful information here for developers wanting to develop apps for specific locales, or wanting to make sure their apps work on a specific device. For a more complete list of devices, see our Find Firefox OS near you page.

    Symphony GoFox F15
    The Symphony GoFox F15 is the first Firefox OS Device to come with 3G video calling capability, launched in Bangladesh.
    The Fx0 is a consumer Firefox OS device, and marks the first Firefox OS phone release in Japan. It is released by KDDI.
    Intex Cloud FX
    The Intex Cloud FX is a consumer Firefox OS smart phone, and marks the very first Firefox OS Tarako phone release in India.
    Spice Firefox MI FX1
    The Spice Fire One MI FX1 is a consumer Firefox OS smart phone which is based on Tarako Firefox OS,  released in India.
    Alcatel Onetouch FireC 4020D
    The Alcatel Onetouch Fire C is a consumer Firefox OS smart phone which is based on Tarako Firefox OS,  released in India.
    Zen U105-Fire
    This article contains information on the budget Smartphone Zen U105-Fire which is available in India.
    LG Fireweb
    LG Fireweb is a consumer Firefox OS Smartphone which is based on Firefox OS 1.1, available Uruguay and Brasil.

    General Firefox OS information

    Firefox OS phone data
    In this article we list the various available Firefox OS phones along with information such as their code names, availability, and specific hardware features.
    General device features
    This page lists typical Firefox OS hardware features and minimum hardware requirements.
    This article provides tips for resolving common problems you may have while using Firefox OS.
    Best practices for open reference devices
    A set of best practices that we believe should come highly recommended for any widely available open reference devices. All of the recent Firefox OS reference devices have followed these practices.

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