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    Firefox OS FAQ

    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Firefox OS, Mozilla's new mobile operating system. If your question isn't answered, you can also try looking at the Firefox OS documentation page.
    What is Firefox OS?
    It is a new mobile operating system built entirely using open web standards. It allows for every device function (calling, messaging, browsing, etc.) to be developed as an HTML5 application which can access the underlying capabilities of a phone (only available to native apps on other ecosystems).
    How do I get a developer phone?
    You can buy the the Flame developer reference phone on the everbuying website.
    If I don’t want to buy a phone, can I still develop an app for Firefox OS?
    Absolutely! You can test out your app on Android (using Marketplace for Firefox) or on your desktop using the Firefox OS simulator.
    Where can I download Firefox OS to try on my own phone?
    See Building and installing Firefox OS.
    How can I test my app on Firefox OS?
    On Android or using the Firefox OS simulator.
    What is the full list of device APIs? Are you looking to standardize then?
    A complete list can be found at Standardisation is ongoing.
    Are your device APIs being standardized for cross-platform use?
    Yes, the APIs are the result of working with several partners and vendors and a few of them have already ended up in other platforms. Almost every technology company has the problem of enabling Web Apps to access the hardware that end users have and our implementations are a good starting point to make this happen for more platforms.


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