Firefox OS Contributions: Getting Started

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  1. What is Firefox OS?
    • Overview
    • Branding
    • Distribution
  2. Project Governance
  3. Firefox OS Development
  4. Contribution Process
    • Process flow
    • License requirements
  5. Firefox OS Release Information
    • Release process
    • Release train model
    • Bugzilla overview and flagging
  6. App Development
  7. Glossary

Suggestions and Feedback

  • Add "Contribution Process" section
    • who do you work with
    • what are the reviews, who from, and checkpoints
    • license requirements
    • who makes the call on what bugs get in and don't at any point in the development cycle
  • I'm a partner, and I just showed up with a patch for a big new feature i want. Why are you not accepting the contribution?
  • Pointer to release process overview
    • what are these "trains"
    • what are all these bugzilla flags

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