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    Developing Gaia

    Gaia is Firefox OS's user interface and suite of default apps: it includes the lock screen, home screen, dialer, and other applications. Essentially, Gaia is a set of complex web apps that runs on top of the Firefox OS platform. This set of articles covers all you need to know to contribute to the Gaia project.

    In this guide, we will take you through an effective workflow for contributing to Gaia — and by this we mean adding features to the Gaia codebase and working on bugs filed against the Gaia project. The first set of articles can be worked through in order, or you can skip to the relevant section if you need to refresh yourself on a specific aspect of the process.

    After that, we will provide reference materials and information covering additional topics.

    The basics

    1. Running the Gaia codebase
    2. Understanding the Gaia codebase
    3. Making Gaia code changes
    4. Testing Gaia code changes
    5. Submitting a Gaia patch

    Gaia build references

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