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    Modifying the hosts file

    Sometimes you need to edit the hosts file on your machine because of an attack, to block unwanted connections, to redirect requests to a specific IP, etc. This article explains how to modify the hosts file of your Firefox OS phone. It is located under for example /system/etc on Linux, and just etc/ on newer Mac OSX versions.

    Preparing your phone

    On the phone, go the Developer settings panel and check:

    • "Remote Debugging" (in Firefox OS 1.4 and above, select "ADB and Devtools" from the select menu)
    • "Console Enabled"

    Then plug your phone to your computer.

    At this point the steps for modifying the hosts file are the same as for Android. Android developers will quickly settle into the swing of things.

    Steps in the terminal

    1. Open a terminal window.
    2. Remount the /system partition on the device to get read-write permissions
      adb remount
    3. Get the hosts file on your computer
      adb pull /system/etc/hosts /tmp
    4. Modify the hosts file in /tmp/hosts as needed and save the file. For example:         localhost   hostName
    5. Push the modified hosts file to the device
      adb push /tmp/hosts /system/etc/hosts

    This is it; your hosts file should now be updated.

    Note: To learn more about ADB? Have a look at the ADB documentation.


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