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Changes for Web developers



Dev tools

Changes for Mozilla and add-on developers

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<h2>Changes for Web developers</h2>
<ul> <li>the <a href="/en/DOM/element.outerHTML" title="en/DOM/element.outerHTML"><code>outerHTML</code> property</a> is now supported on HTML elements</li> <li><a href="/en/HTML_in_XMLHttpRequest" title="en/HTML_in_XMLHttpRequest"><code>XMLHttpRequest</code> supports HTML parsing</a></li> <li>MozBeforePaint events are no longer fired.  mozRequestAnimationFrame consumers who used these should pass a callback function instead.</li>
<ul> <li>the <a href="/en/CSS/text-size-adjust" title="text-size-adjust">text-size-adjust </a>property is now supported</li>
<h3>Dev tools</h3>
<ul> <li>The <a href="/en/View_source" title="">View Source feature</a> now uses the new HTML5 parser instead of the old HTML parser.</li>
<h2>Changes for Mozilla and add-on developers</h2>
<h3>See also</h3>
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