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    Face Value

    Face Value is a currency conversion app that does things differently: instead of converting arbitrary amounts it shows you the actual denominations in the country you're visiting. It lets you think in your home currency even with a foreign currency in your pocket.

    View on the Firefox Marketplace.
    Read the full developer walkthrough.

    Difficulty: Medium

    Code Breakdown:

    • 2% HTML
    • 16% CSS
    • 82% JavaScript

    Web API Usage

    Remembers user preferences and saves exchange rates for offline use.
    Face Value does not require a network connection to run.

    Folder Structure

      - test/ (casperjs integration tests)
      - www/ (client-side code/styles)
      - www/index.html (base HTML file)
      - www/js/templates/ (EJS/HTML templates)

    The CordovaLib, assets, cordova, face-value.xcodeproj, and face-value folders contain Cordova files used to create a packaged iOS web app that can be submitted to the iOS App Store.

    Third-party Libraries

    By using backbone's data bindings, Face Value ensures that changes to the backend (such as exchange rate updates) are automatically reflected on the frontend.
    The lightweight jQuery-like library simplifies common tasks such as DOM manipulation.





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