Type Object
Mandatory No
  "chrome_settings_overrides" : {
    "homepage": ""

Use the chrome_settings_overrides key to override certain browser settings. At the moment, only one setting is available: "homepage", which enables you to override the browser's home page.


The chrome_settings_overrides key is an object that may have the following property:

Name Type Description
homepage String
New in Firefox 55

Defines the page to be used as the browser's homepage.

The replacement is given as a URL. The URL may:

  • point to a file bundled with the add-on, in which case it is given as a URL relative to the manifest.json file
  • be a remote URL, such as "".

If two or more add-ons both set this value, then the last one that gets to run (i.e. the most recently installed or enabled) one wins. If the user changes the homepage using the browser's preferences UI, then this will override the add-on's choice.

To override new tabs, use "chrome_url_overrides" instead.


"chrome_settings_overrides": {
  "homepage": ""

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