Add a Context Menu Item

To follow this tutorial you'll need to have installed the SDK and learned the basics of cfx.

To add items and submenus to the Firefox context menu, use the context-menu module.

Here's an add-on that adds a new context menu item. The item is displayed whenever something in the page is selected. When it's clicked, the selection is sent to the main add-on code, which just logs it:

var contextMenu = require("sdk/context-menu");
 var menuItem = contextMenu.Item({
  label: "Log Selection",
  context: contextMenu.SelectionContext(),
  contentScript: 'self.on("click", function () {' +
                 '  var text = window.getSelection().toString();' +
                 '  self.postMessage(text);' +
  onMessage: function (selectionText) {

Try it: run the add-on, load a web page, select some text and right-click. You should see the new item appear:

Click it, and the selection is logged to the console:

info: elephantine lizard


All this add-on does is to construct a context menu item. You don't need to add it: once you have constructed the item, it is automatically added in the correct context. The constructor in this case takes four options: label, context, contentScript, and onMessage.


The label is just the string that's displayed.


The context describes the circumstances in which the item should be shown. The context-menu module provides a number of simple built-in contexts, including this SelectionContext(), which means: display the item when something on the page is selected.

If these simple contexts aren't enough, you can define more sophisticated contexts using scripts.


This attaches a script to the item. In this case the script listens for the user to click on the item, then sends a message to the add-on containing the selected text.


The onMessage property provides a way for the add-on code to respond to messages from the script attached to the context menu item. In this case it just logs the selected text.


  1. the user clicks the item
  2. the content script's click event fires, and the content script retrieves the selected text and sends a message to the add-on
  3. the add-on's message event fires, and the add-on code's handler function is passed the selected text, which it logs

Learning More

To learn more about the context-menu module, see the context-menu API reference.


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