Testing the Add-on SDK

From Add-on SDK repository

With a checkout of the mozilla/addon-sdk repository (or a checkout of the m-c repo and cd into the addon-sdk/source directory) there are many means to run the addon-sdk tests.

With CFX

CFX tests use the deprecated sdk/loader/cuddlefish, which is being replaced by toolkit/loader.

With cfx (which is part of the addon-sdk repo), we can run the first test suite which was produced for the Add-on SDK.  This includes:

  • cfx testcfx: a suite of python tests which test cfx itself (which is written in python).  This suite basically tests cfx xpi's ability to produce the xpi files that we expect it to.
  • cfx testex --filter <addon_example_folder_name>: a suite of tests which run test code for some example add-ons.   This suite builds the example code, then runs these example add-on's test code.
  • cfx testaddons --filter <addon_folder_name>: a suite of tests which run add-ons, which are themseleves tests.  This suite builds add-ons which are tests (ie: their main.js script's merely run tests and close firefox when their tests are done), and runs them as cfx run would.
  • cfx testpkgs --filter <file_name>:<test_name>: a suite of tests which run sdk module unit tests.  This suite builds the entire addon-sdk repo as an add-on, like cfx xpi would, then runs the add-on like cfx test would.  The majority of the tests run here are module unit tests, but there are various other tests included here as well.

Note: You must remember to run source bin/activate in order to enable cfx first.

With JPM

JPM tests all use the new toolkit/loader.

With jpm (which is not part of the add-on sdk repo, and must be installed separately) things more difficult without the Gulp commands provided by the gulpscript.js file in the addon-sdk repo.  With gulp installed, and after installing the addon-sdk's npm dependencies, we can run the latter three test suites mentioned for cfx with jpm using the following commands:

  • gulp test:examples --filter <addon_example_folder_name>
  • gulp test:addons --filter <addon_folder_name>
  • gulp test:modules --filter <file_name>:<test_name>

or run all of the tests with gulp test.

With Travis

If you merely make a pull request for the mozilla/addon-sdk then all of the jpm tests mentioned above will be run on Travis-CI automatically and you will see the pass/fail results with a link to the log in the github pull request.  Only on a linux machine at the moment.


From Mozilla-Central repository

With a checkout of the mozilla-central source code, one can always cd addon-sdk/source and use any of the methods described above, but in addtion to that there are a couple of mach commands available, and ofcourse there is the try server if you have access to that.

With Mach

There are two commands:

  • ./mach mochitest -f jetpack-addon <optional_addon_path>:  This runs the test add-ons mentioned for cfx testaddons and gulp test:addons with the older sdk/loader/cuddlefish used with cfx.
  • ./mach mochitest -f jetpack-package <optional_file_path>:  This runs the module unit tests mentioned for cfx testpkgs and gulp test:modules but in this case with the newer toolkit/loader used with jpm.

With Try Server



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