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    This chapter describes the data structures that are used to represent the various objects in the plug-in API.

    Structure Summary

    NPAnyCallbackStruct Contains information required during embedded mode printing.
    NPByteRange Represents a particular range of bytes from a stream.
    NPEmbedPrint Substructure of NPPrint that contains platform-specific information used during embedded mode printing.
    NPEvent Represents an event passed by NPP_HandleEvent to a windowless plug-in.
    NPFullPrint Substructure of NPPrint that contains platform-specific information used during full-page mode printing.
    NPP Represents a single instance of a plug-in.
    NP_Port Contains information required by the window field of an NPWindow structure.
    NPPrint Contains information the plug-in needs to print itself in full-page or embedded mode.
    NPPrintCallbackStruct Contains information required by the platformPrint field of the NPEmbedPrint during embedded mode printing.
    NPRect Represents a rectangular area of a page.
    NPRegion Represents a platform-defined region of a page.
    NPSavedData Block of instance information saved after the plug-in is deleted; can be returned to the plug-in.
    NPSetWindowCallbackStruct Contains information about the plug-in's Unix window environment.
    NPStream Represents a stream of data either produced by the browser and consumed by the plug-in, or produced by the plug-in and consumed by the browser.
    NPWindow Contains information about the target into which the plug-in instance can draw.

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