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WebExtensions for Firefox for Android

This section provides information specific to developing WebExtensions for Firefox for Android, general information on WebExtensions development is in main WebExtensions section. If you have not developed WebExtensions before consider starting with the guides to building WebExtensions for desktop, such the guide to building Your first WebExtension.

In this section, you can find:

Running and testing WebExtensions

This article describes the process for preparing your web app, computer, and Android device or emulator to run your WebExtension. It then details the options for transferring your WebExtension to and running it on an Android device or simulator, before looking at how to debug your WebExtension.

Differences between desktop and Android WebExtensions

Firefox for Android offers a subset of WebExtension features available to the desktop version of Firefox. Some of these differences are due to the nature of the Android environment and therefore the features Firefox can implement, others are areas where Firefox for Android does not yet offer all the desktop features. This article details and explains the differences and how they impact your WebExtension development.

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