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    Expanding/Collapsing all tree nodes

    To expand all tree nodes:

     var treeView = tree.treeBoxObject.view;
     for (var i = 0; i < treeView.rowCount; i++) {
       if (treeView.isContainer(i) && !treeView.isContainerOpen(i))

    To collapse all tree nodes just change the condition:

     var treeView = tree.treeBoxObject.view;
     for (var i = 0; i < treeView.rowCount; i++) {
       if (treeView.isContainer(i) && treeView.isContainerOpen(i))

    Getting the text from the selected row

    Assuming the given <tree>:

     <tree id="my-tree" seltype="single" onselect="onTreeSelected()">

    Use the following JavaScript:

     function onTreeSelected(){
       var tree = document.getElementById("my-tree");
       var cellIndex = 0;
       var cellText = tree.view.getCellText(tree.currentIndex, tree.columns.getColumnAt(cellIndex));

    Getting the tree item from the focused row

    Assuming <tree id="my-tree">, you can use the following to get the tree item:

    var view = document.getElementById("my-tree").view;
    var sel = view.selection.currentIndex; //returns -1 if the tree is not focused
    var treeItem = view.getItemAtIndex(sel);

    Note that the current index may be unselected (for example, a multi-select tree).

    Getting the cell from a mouse click

    Your first choice is likely to try <treecell onclick="yourfunc();"/> or something similar. But this will not work. You can't add event handlers to <treecell>. Instead, you can add the event handler to the <tree> element. You can then use the event and some utility methods to find the <treecell>. For example, assuming the given <tree>:

     <tree id="my-tree" onclick="onTreeClicked(event)">

    Use the following JavaScript:

    function onTreeClicked(event){
      var tree = document.getElementById("my-tree");
      var tbo = tree.treeBoxObject;
      // get the row, col and child element at the point
      var row = { }, col = { }, child = { };
      tbo.getCellAt(event.clientX, event.clientY, row, col, child);
      var cellText = tree.view.getCellText(row.value, col.value);

    Getting the selected indices of a multiselect tree

      var start = {}, end = {}, numRanges = tree.view.selection.getRangeCount(), selectedIndices = [];
      for (var t = 0; t < numRanges; t++){
        tree.view.selection.getRangeAt(t, start, end);
        for (var v = start.value; v <= end.value; v++)

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