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    Alerts and Notifications

    Basic modal alert





    The following code presents a non-modal pop-up, which automatically disappears after an appropriate delay. It uses nsIAlertsService. This works on Windows, Linux and (if Growl is installed) Mac OS X:

    function popup(title, text) {
      try {
                  .showAlertNotification(null, title, text, false, '', null);
      } catch(e) {
        // prevents runtime error on platforms that don't implement nsIAlertsService

    If you need to display a comparable alert on a platform that doesn't support nsIAlertsService, you can do this:

    function popup(title, msg) {
      var image = null;
      var win = Components.classes[';1']
                          .openWindow(null, 'chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul',
                                      '_blank', 'chrome,titlebar=no,popup=yes', null);
      win.arguments = [image, title, msg, false, ''];

    Using notification box

    Another way of non-modal notification and further interaction with users is using of XUL elements notificationbox and notification (implicitly). However it is possible to use only buttons and a label there.


    var message = 'Another pop-up blocked';
    var box = gBrowser.getNotificationBox();
    var notification = box.getNotificationWithValue('popup-blocked');
    if (notification) {
        notification.label = message;
    else {
        var buttons = [{
            label: 'Button',
            accessKey: 'B',
            popup: 'blockedPopupOptions',
            callback: null
        let priority = box.PRIORITY_WARNING_MEDIUM;
        box.appendNotification(message, 'popup-blocked',
                                priority, buttons);

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