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Thanks for your interest in contacting the Mozilla Add-ons team. Please read this page carefully to ensure your request goes to the right place.

Add-on Support

If you have a support question about a particular add-on, such as "how do I use this add-on?" or "why doesn't this work properly?", please contact that add-on's author through the support channels listed on the add-on's listing page.

Add-on Review Concerns

If you have a question about an Add-on review, please reply to the review email or use the Review History feature on the version page in the AMO developer hub.

Add-on Security Vulnerabilities

If you have discovered a security vulnerability in an add-on, even if it is not hosted on a Mozilla site, Mozilla is very interested in your discovery and will work with the add-on developer to correct the issue as soon as possible. Add-on security issues can be reported confidentially in Bugzilla or by emailing

Website Functionality & Development

If you've found a problem with the site, we'd love to fix it. Please file a bug report on Github, including the location of the problem and how you encountered it.

Additional Concerns

If your issue could not be addressed with the information above, we'd like to hear from you. Please reach out to us for further assistance.

How to get in touch with us regarding these policies or your add-on.

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