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  • Improving Cross-Browser Testing, Part 2: New Automation Features in Firefox Nightly

    It’s clear that WebDriver needs to grow to meet the capabilities of DevTools-based automation. However, that process will take time, and we want more developers to be able to run their automated tests in Firefox today. To that end, we have shipped an experimental implementation of parts of CDP in …

  • Improving Cross-Browser Testing, Part 1: Web Application Testing Today

    Testing web applications can be a challenge. At Mozilla, we see that as a call to action. With our commitment to building a better Internet, we want to provide web developers with the tools they need to build great web experiences – including great tools for testing. In this series …

  • 2020 MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment now available

    The 2020 MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment (DNA) report is now available! This post takes you through what we’ve accomplished in 2020 based on the findings in the inaugural report, key takeaways of the 2020 survey, and what our next steps are as a result. The post 2020 MDN Web …

  • And now for … Firefox 84

    As December ushers in the final curtain for this rather eventful year, there is time left for one more Firefox version to be given its wings. Firefox 84 includes some interesting new features including tab order inspection, complex selector support in :not(), the PerformancePaintTiming API, and more! The post And …

  • Welcome Yari: MDN Web Docs has a new platform

    After several intense months of work on such a significant change, the day is finally upon us: MDN Web Docs’ new platform (codenamed Yari) is finally launched! The post Welcome Yari: MDN Web Docs has a new platform appeared first on Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog.

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