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    Add-on SDK

    Using the Add-on SDK you can create Firefox add-ons using standard Web technologies: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The SDK includes JavaScript APIs which you can use to create add-ons, and tools for creating, running, testing, and packaging add-ons.


    Create user interface components
    Create user interface components such as toolbar buttons, context menus, menu items, and dialogs.
    Modify web pages
    Modify pages matching a URL pattern or dynamically modify a particular tab.
    Putting it together
    Walkthrough of the Annotator example add-on.



    High-Level APIs
    Reference documentation for the high-level SDK APIs.
    Tools reference
    Reference documentation for the cfx tool used to develop, test, and package add-ons, the console global used for logging, and the package.json file.
    Low-Level APIs
    Reference documentation for the low-level SDK APIs.

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