Developing Firefox OS

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

This section provides useful documentation covering different ways in which the Firefox OS experience can be modified/customized during the build or app writing process, and how you can help to develop the platform.

Quickstart guide to Gaia development
Gaia is the collection of web apps which make up the front end of Firefox OS. Everything you see on the screen in Firefox OS is built using open Web technologies. This includes the home screen and all the default apps. This guide provides a quick and simple guide to getting started with modifying Gaia.
Build system primer
This article explains how Gaia's build system works, including the makefile, the build process, environment variables, and potential customizations.
Hacking Gaia
This article provides a detailed guide to modifying Gaia.
Market customizations guide
Market customizations allow you to specify build-time customization instructions (for example, which apps should be included in your build) in separate directories, without modifying the core Gaia repo. You can include your own customizations in distinct directories, or use the preexisting directories that come with the source. These customizations are specified with build options. In this article we look in detail at how to create and use these customizations.
Modifying the hosts file
A guide to what can be achieved by modifying the Firefox OS hosts file.
Customization with the .userconfig file
How to customize the build and execution of Firefox OS by changing the .userconfig file.
Customizing the keyboard in Firefox OS apps
This guide shows how to customize the keyboard in your Firefox OS apps.
Localizing Firefox OS
A guide to localising the Firefox OS platform, making it available in your preferred languages.