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ARIA: dialog role

Revise some wording. Remove example 2 as its invalid to place a role=dialog on a fieldset. Revise the note in the examples section as dialogs are not expected to always be navigated in application mode.

ARIA: form role

Update various sections of content to correct inaccuracies. e.g. forms (HTML or ARIA) are not exposed as landmarks w/out accName. Legend as a direct child of a form is invalid HTML.

Mobile accessibility checklist

link directly to WCAG color contrast guidelines and update text to note WCAG 2.1, as per other WCAG links in this document.

ARIA: dialog role

Fix typo of aria-labelledby to include 2 Ls

ARIA: button role

various updates to align prose and include missing information. Toggle button have repeated content in many sections. Consolidate further?