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    Block-level Elemente

    "Block-Level" is categorization of HTML elements, as contrasted with "inline" elements. Block-level elements may appear only within a <body> element. Their most significant characteristic is that they typically are formatted with a line break before and after the element (thereby creating a stand-alone block of content). That is, they take up the width of their containers.

    Die Unterschieden zwischen Inline-Elementen und Block-Level-Elementen sind:

    Standardmäßig beginnen Block-Level-Elemente in einer neuen Zeile.
    Content model
    Generally, block-level elements may contain inline elements and other block-level elements. Inherent in this structural distinction is the idea that block elements create "larger" structures than inline elements.

    The distinction of block-level vs. inline elements is used in HTML specifications up  to 4.01. In HTML5, this binary distinction is replaced with a more complex set of content categories. The "block-level" category roughly corresponds to the category of flow content in HTML5, while "inline" corresponds to phrasing content, but there are additional categories.


    Die nachfolgende Liste zeigt eine komplette Übersicht aller HTML Block-Level-Elemente (die neuen HTML5-Element sind technisch gesehen nicht als "block-level" definiert).

    <article> HTML5
    Inhalt eines Artikels.
    <aside> HTML5
    Aside content.
    <audio> HTML5
    Long ("block") quotation.
    <canvas> HTML5
    Drawing canvas.
    Definition description.
    Document division.
    Field set label.
    <figcaption> HTML5
    Figure caption.
    <figure> HTML5
    Groups media content with a caption (see <figcaption>).
    <footer> HTML5
    Section or page footer.
    <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>
    Überschriften Level 1-6.
    <header> HTML5
    Section or page header.
    <hgroup> HTML5
    Groups header information.
    Horizontal rule (dividing line).

    Content to use if scripting is not supported or turned off.
    Geordnete Liste.
    <output> HTML5
    Form output.
    Preformatted text.
    <section> HTML5
    Section of a web page.
    Fußbereich der Tabelle.
    Ungeordnete Liste.
    <video> HTML5


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