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    Provides global initialization for a plug-in.



    #include <npapi.h>
    NPError WINAPI NP_Initialize(NPNetscapeFuncs *aNPNFuncs)


    #include <npapi.h>
    NPError NP_Initialize(NPNetscapeFuncs *aNPNFuncs, NPPluginFuncs *aNPPFuncs)


    • If successful, the function returns NPERR_NO_ERROR.
    • If unsuccessful, the plug-in is not loaded and the function returns an error code. For possible values, see Error Codes.


    The browser calls this function only once: when a plug-in is loaded, before the first instance is created. This is the first function that the browser calls. NP_Initialize tells the plug-in that the browser has loaded it and provides global initialization. Allocate any memory or resources shared by all instances of your plug-in at this time.

    After the last instance of a plug-in has been deleted, the browser calls NP_Shutdown, where you can release allocated memory or resources.

    See Also

    NP_Shutdown, NPP_New

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