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Ein Behälter für die Anzeige von Seiten mit Karteikarten/-reitern. Das Element tabbox sollte zwei Kindelemente enthalten. Als erstes ein tabs Element, welches je Reiter ein tab Element enthält und als zweites ein tabpanels Element, welches den Inhalt der Seiten aufnimmt.

Weitere Informationen im XUL Tutorial.

eventnode, handleCtrlPageUpDown, handleCtrlTab
accessibleType, eventNode, handleCtrlPageUpDown, handleCtrlTab, selectedIndex, selectedPanel, selectedTab, tabs, tabpanels


<tabbox id="myTabList" selectedIndex="2">
    <tab label="Erster Reiter"/>
    <tab label="Zweiter Reiter"/>
    <tab label="Weiterer Reiter"/>
    <tab label="Letzter Reiter"/>
    <tabpanel><!-- tabpanel Erste Elemente hierher --></tabpanel>
    <tabpanel><!-- tabpanel Zweite Elemente hierher --></tabpanel>
    <tabpanel><button label="Klick mich"/></tabpanel>
    <tabpanel><!-- tabpanel Vierte Elemente hierher --></tabpanel>



Type: one of the values below
Indicates where keyboard navigation events are listened to. If this attribute is not specified, events are listened to from the tabbox. Thus, if this attribute is not used, the tabbox or an element inside it must have the focus for the keyboard navigation to apply.
Keyboard navigation is captured at the parent of the tabbox.
Keyboard navigation is captured at the window level. Tab navigation will occur as long as any element in the window is focused.
Keyboard navigation is captured at the document level. Tab navigation will occur as long as any element in the document is focused.
Type: boolean
If set to true or omitted, the tabbox will switch to the next tab when the Control and Tab keys are pressed. If the Shift key is also held down, the previous tab will be displayed. If this attribute is set to false, these keys do not navigate between tabs.



Geerbte Methoden
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tabs, tab, tabpanels, tabpanel.