A picture of the Flame device, showing the Firefox OS homescreen containing several app icons.Coming soon

The Flame developer reference phone is a milestone in Firefox OS device releases. The Flame hardware offers a representative set of specs — including FWVGA display and dual-core processor (see Phone and device specs for full specs) — to help developers build great content and experiences. A single hardware platform is also good for testers, making it easier to test and address specific software issues without having to worry about device model-specific bugs, etc.

If you have your phone in hand and want to start playing with it, developing and distributing apps, or contributing to the Firefox platform, the following links will get you where you need to go:

  • Firefox OS zone: For creating your own Firefox OS builds and contributing to the B2G and Gaia projects.
  • App Center zone: For building open web apps compatible with Firefox OS.
  • Marketplace zone: For information on publishing and distributing apps.
  • Firefox Marketplace: The best source to find and publish new Firefox OS apps.

If you’d like to purchase a phone or find out more about using it, you’ll find the information you need below.

Purchasing a device

Our device manufacturer partner is making the device available for purchase in the latter part of Q2, 2014, retailing at approximately US$170, global shipping included. Available for pre-order soon!

Emergency download mode

When flashing a new build to your phone fails to work, your phone becomes unresponsive, and the phone cannot enter fastboot mode, you can use emergency download mode for recovery.

A USB cable and the Emergency Download Tool are required to enter emergency download mode. (Tool download coming soon.)

Recovery mode

You can enter recovery mode to clear your phone data or manually update the firmware. There are two ways to enter this mode:

  • If ADB tools are available, make sure Remote debugging is turned on in the phone's Developer settings, connect your phone to your computer via USB and enter adb reboot recovery on the command line.
  • If your phone is powered off, press the Volume Up + Power buttons together.

When in recovery mode, press the Volume up/down keys to move the selection highlight, and the Power key to select. Make sure you have your phone data (Contacts, SMS, etc.) backed up before clearing data, and your upgrade packages downloaded before updating.

RAM adjustment

You can adjust the available RAM capacity to see how apps perform on Firefox OS phones with lower memory footprints.

This is accomplished by entering fastboot mode (install fastboot first, which is available in the same SDK page as ADB) and typing:

fastboot oem mem [0|256-1024]

“0” is the memory automatically detected and “256-1024” is the number of megabytes. For example, if you want to adjust device RAM capacity to 512M, enter fastboot oem mem 512.

You'll need to then reboot your device for the settings to take effect. This can be done using:

fastboot reboot

The current memory size can be returned by entering fastboot mode and typing:

fastboot getvar mem