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Kein Standard
Diese Funktion entspricht nicht dem Standard und ist nicht Teil der Standardisierung. Diese Funktion darf nicht in Webseiten, die via das Internet zug├Ąnglich sind, benutzt werden: Sie wird nicht f├╝r alle Nutzer funktionieren. Es kann zu umfangreichen Inkompatibilit├Ąten zwischen verschiedenen Implementierungen kommen und die Funktionsweise oder Eigenschaften k├Ânnten in der Zukunft ver├Ąndert werden.

This Navigator.requestWakeLock() method of the Wake Lock API is used to request a MozWakeLock on any resource of the device. This means that you can prevent that resource from becoming unavailable as long as your app holds a lock for that resource. For example, a voice recording app can obtain a lock to keep the screen on during recording so that it can give prover visual feedback to the user that recording is progressing.

Note: When the window that requested one or more wake locks is closed or destroyed, any wake locks it acquired are implicitly released; no manual release is necessary.


lock = window.navigator.requestWakeLock(resourceName);


A string representing the name of the resource to lock. Gaia uses four basic resources names: screen, cpuwifi, and gps, but any certified application can expose new resources.

Return value

Returns a MozWakeLock object you can use to keep track of or release the lock..


W3C tracks Wake Lock: Use cases and is working on the Editor's traft API.

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