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Navigator (Firefox OS extensions)

This page is not complete.

Kein Standard
Diese Funktion ist nicht Teil der W3C-Standards, allerdings wird sie innerhalb der Platform des Firefox-Betriebssystems unterstützt. Obwohl sich Implementierungen über längere Zeit ändern können und die Funktion gegenwärtig nicht universell von allen Browsern unterstüzt wird, ist sie durchaus für den Programmiergebrauch in dedizierten Applikationen für das Firefox-Betriebssystem geeignet.

The Navigator interface represents the state and the identity of the user agent. It allows scripts to query it and to register themselves to carry on some activities. This page represents the list of properties and methods added to Navigator on Firefox OS devices. For the list of properties and methods available to any Web sites, consult Navigator.

A Navigator object can be retrieved using the read-only Window.navigator property.

This Navigator.requestWakeLock() method of the Wake Lock API is used to request a MozWakeLock on any resource of the device. This means that you can prevent that resource from becoming unavailable as long as your app holds a lock for that resource. For example, a voice recording app can obtain a lock to keep the screen on during recording so that it can give prover visual feedback to the user that recording is progressing.